"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

How tomorrow's giving might look

The Giving Profile is a useful tool for understanding congregational giving today. An Age Giving Profile offers a different perspective: how giving might look in the future. The blunt truth is that for very many churches much regular giving lies with the generosity of older members. It is important to see what the future might look like so that we can make good decisions today for our ministry and mission tomorrow.
A 2011 survey of giving habits and practices in five historic denominations makes rather uncomfortable reading. The evidence sits well with the observations of many church leaders: a very substantial part of the regular giving of our church comes from those who are retired. It is a wake up call, a challenge to complacency and an invitation to shape the future of ministry and mission in our church. The resources on this page offers some background thinking and the practical tools to create an age giving profile for our church which will, at the very least, begin to scope the stewardship challenges that lie ahead of us.