"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

History repeats itself.

Because no one is listening! Or, as is often said, if we do what we have always done we will get what we have always got. We can only create a new future if we properly understand our present and how we got here. In stewardship that includes a robust look at our church finances. The tools in this section will help us do just that.

Who hath believed our report? (Isaiah 43:1)

Facts are our friends and knowing our numbers, what's really happening, is critical in discerning good stewardship  practice in our church.   
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A holy conversation about numbers

The numbers paint a picture; just as important is the 'holy conversation' around those numbers which looks to a new financial future 
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Lifting the bonnet on our giving

A giving profile looks a little depper, lifting the bonnet to understand a little more about giving in our congregation
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Giving by age groupings

Much of our planned giving lies with the generosity of older givers. Ageing money and the need to nurture younger planned givers is a challenge we cannot duck. 
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All the financial data in one place

When completed this dashboard with go faster stripes will pull together all the financial analysis into a single document
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