"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Assets, events and appeals

Churches are very familiar with fundraising events and building rentals. These activities represent a relatively small but still significant source of income and it is right that churches take advantage of them. Moreover, many churches know the ups and downs of a large capital campaign and the mixed blessings of funding applications for repairs or re-ordering. How do we make the most of these opportunities and what are the hidden costs? 
In 2014 Anglican churches raised £59 million from fundraising and £107 million from trading activities of all kinds. That very welcome money comes with three hidden costs. The first is financial; there are associated costs so net income is rather less though still significant. Second there is the hidden cost of people's time and energy; creative events don't just happen.The third cost is more subtle. An overemphasis on 'earned income' risks creating a culture corrosive of a commitment to generous giving and can distort the expectations of new members. Chapter four of Beyond the Collection Plate offers guidance on how to make the most of this world of earned income without losing our soul.