"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

All the analysis tools in one place

This Dashboard Plus is a kind of 'turbo' edition of the Finance Dashboard found in this Financial Analysis section. It does not add new resources for financial analysis; rather it has two purposes. First it pulls all the financial information into a single, convenient booklet. Second, like the finance dashboard, Dashboard Plus offers questions for discussion not found on the dedicated Giving Profile and Age Giving Profile pages.   
The value of Dashboard Plus is the convenience of a single document containing all the financial data in this section of the site plus questions to stimulate discussion. Churches may choose first to create one or more of the financial tools in this section - a Finance Dashboard, Giving Profile or Age Giving Profile. The data used to create these tools can be re-used with ease in creating a Dashboard Plus. Alternatively if a single document with discussion questions is the your resource of choice then you can follow the guidance notes on this page to create a Dashboard Plus from scratch. Please note the two versions of Dashboard Plus. We know the MS Word 2010 version works well. However, while we think we have resolved the technical issues when using MS Word 2007 if you encounter problems please inform the GiGWebmaster..