"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Taking the next steps

Napoleon said, 'The plan is nothing, the planning is everything.' Disciplined evaluation of Giving in Grace is an important step on the stewardship journey. A single stewardship initiative cannot change stewardship culture but it can and will release the financial pressures and help to reorient the church to take a new approach to stewardship and some positive steps in the right direction. 

Section Guide (Delivery and Evaluation)

Ticking all the boxes

Use this comprehensive checklist to ensure that you have all you need for Giving in Grace to run smoothly and for follow-up to happen personally and efficiently.
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Learning from the experience

Take the time to learn together from the experience of planning for and delivering Giving in Grace by completing the evaluation document.
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Architects of stewardship

A change of stewardship culture happens in the church when good practice and biblical principles simply become part of 'the way we do things around here'.
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Keeping the challenge fresh each year

It is good practice to encourage congregations annually to review their giving. Giving in Grace will soon provide creative materials to resource an Annual Review of giving.

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