"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Principle Reviewed

Differentiating the ask

St Paul celebrates the diversity of the body of Christ. A 'one size fits all' giving challenge cannot honour the range of spirituality, church involvement and understanding or personal circumstances in our churches. So we differentiate by identifying these smaller groupings within our congregations: Leader, Planned, Plate and Friends.

A large church sent a single, undifferentiated mailing to its electoral roll members. There was an encouraging financial response but it came from just 25% of the people. Most people were not moved by the request to help and saw no reason to reply. Differentiation won't guarantee a 100% response but it does try to meet people where they are. Experience suggests that those churches that do not differentiate their mailing lists tend to have lower response rates and lower percentage rates of income increase than those that do. It is important to note that each differentiated grouping in the church is always defined functionally, never subjectively.