"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

All Analyses Completed

Financial Analysis

For churches, as for all charities, our duty of care requires us to know our numbers, our financial situation. This third section of the case takes a birds eye view of our church finances, probes a little deeper into our giving by generating a giving profile and and invites the planning group to draw some financial conclusions which will inform the framing of our stewardship programme..It

Money talks!

If money talks, what is it saying about our church? We have to listen to what our income, expenditure, reserves and our giving profile tell us. The ministry needs and opportunities may be clear. But not knowing financial reality and the mistaken belief that no one has money to give diminishes leader confidence and is a poor conductor of generosity for any individual.

Knowing our numbers

The Lord gives and takes away

Knowing our total income and expenditure is the starting point to understanding our financial situation.
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What is in the storehouse?

Holding appropriate reserves is good stewardship and trusteeship. What do our levels of reserves tell us? 
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Each according to their means?

To counter 'the myth of scarcity' we must know our giving profile and our dependence on a few big givers.

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Financial conclusions

What are the key conclusions from our financial analysis? What do we address now and what later on?
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