"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

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An introduction to Giving in Grace

Giving in Grace is a stewardship programme for the local church. At its heart is the preparation of a case statement, a well prepared preaching series and the distribution and follow up of literature inviting the congregation and, where appropriate, the wider community to increase their giving to the local church. The core elements are complimented by optional resources including: small group and youth and children' resources
Giving in Grace is an extremely flexible resource that can be adapted to the needs of the local church. The core elements can be enhanced by additional resources as desired. Blend the core elements with optional materials as suits the local situation. In every case, the key to a fruitful programme is a committed planning group and the full and prayerful support of the church leadership. The documents on this page offer an overview of the Programme plus guidance on navigating the site and its comprehensive resources. A handy checklist listing the tasks involved in a programme can be found on the Checklist tab in Delivery and Evaluation.