"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

About Following Up

Follow-up has three strands. First, it involves a prompt appreciation that values the responses church members make. Second, follow-up manages non responses with a reminder letter. Third, follow-up responds personally to any requests for information. We want people to know that their ministry of giving matters, that failure to respond is noticed and has implications for the church, and that requests for information will be met professionally and promptly.

Developing a follow-up strategy

Why follow up responses?

Good follow-up will be efficient and personal. Stewardship in the local church is not primarily about releasing the financial gift but nurturing the giver.
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Expressing appreciation

Within one week of receiving a church member's response form, a letter should be sent expressing warm appreciation of their response.
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In case you forgot

Within two weeks of the final date for returning response forms, a warm, encouraging letter is sent to all those who have not responded to the initial clergy letter.
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Can you tell me more?

Within three weeks of the return of a response form, any request for information, such as receiving weekly envelopes, should be answered by a personal visit.
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Helping visitors build relationships

It will help to provide a little training for follow-up visitors to clarify their role and issues such as Gift Aid or information on leaving gifts in wills.
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