"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Task Completed

Response Forms

The clergy letter and congregational brochure are accompanied by a response form. This is the vehicle by which the best intentions of the church member are translated into action. The response forms also enable the church to gauge the pledges made and respond to specific requests for more information.
The clergy or leader letter makes the personal ask; the response form carries people's decision to act. Use the correct response form for the differentiated grouping and note that, for the Leader and Planned groupings, there are response forms for weekly and monthly givers. Enter a clear date by which the response form should be returned, usually the special Thanksgiving Sunday. The treasurer may seem the natural choice to receive response forms but, where possible, address the reply envelope to the planned giving officer. We want to avoid any impression that this is a purely financial matter. And don't be tempted to include other items (e.g. Gift Aid declarations) with the letters to be returned with the response forms. The form is designed to facilitate a follow-up visit in response to a request for information.