"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Review leaflet and letter

An annual review leaflet is entirely optional. Many churches will not use one but a leaflet is recommended as serving three important functions. First, the review leaflet provides headline financial information about the church's income and expenditure which will be new to many. Second, it is a take home reminder of the need for action and response. Third, the leaflet makes contact with those not in church on a review Sunday. 
A template for an annual review leaflet can be downloaded from this page. It is in MS Word format for local editing and in A4 folded for ease of printing. All text can be edited but please pay close attention to the red text which references local information and financial details. Be creative where posible in adapting the leaflet, perhaps adding a picture of the church, a local mission statement or the chosen bible text for the year. Also optional is a covering clergy letter and again a template letter is provided in MS Word format for ease of local editing.