"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Review response

A review response form is again optional but bears consideration. Three general rules seem to apply. First, it makes sense to include a Ways to Give response form listing options for planned giving. Second, to expect everyone to return a response form every year results in diminishing returns and leader disappointment. Third, if you expect people to return the response form then you must be willing to chase up non responses. 
The downloads on this page offer templates for three different response forms. The document,The proof of our love, gives guidance on using these forms. Ways to give is an A5 insert for the review leaflet to be returned only by those enquiring about different ways to give. An anonymous Commitment Card enables a tangible personal response from each giver. This may be retained by the giver as a reminder of personal commitment or returned to the church and used in an act of dedication. The Pledge card asks church members to pledge their level of increased giving but to do so anonymously. This enables the church to assess the giving response and the giver to make a tangible response, as with the commitment card above. Of course, both the commitment and pledge cards can be used alongside the Ways to give response. Churches are free, of course, to design their own responses, perhaps using the business card templates in MS Word and adding a picture of their church.