"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Why an annual review?

A major stewardship initiative, such as Giving in Grace, is often the intensive workout needed to establish financial health for a church. As ever, the challenge is to stay healthy!  We are used to annual changes in pay, pensions and bills while the church makes annual reports and celebrates the liturgical year. An annual review of giving is a discipline which helps congregations maintain a healthy stewardship lifestyle. 
If we only 'do stewardship' when money is tight or problems need solving then we connect our money talk with money worries. Good giving will solve problems but the language of gratitude and celebration, obedience and generosity, ministry and mission must shape our money talk. The annual review can celebrate our achievements and remind us that God's vision is greater than ours and that he can always use our greater generosity. We review our changing financial circumstance. The annual review challenges people to review their giving, to ensure that ministry is properly resourced and finances not diminished by inflation.