"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Seasons of giving

If you need a theme for your annual review then look no further. Find here a selection of plug and play resources themed around the seasons of the year plus the option to include Oscar Wilde's beautiful modern parable, The Selfish Giant into your worship. These resources, including a full all age service and themed literature, can be used and adapted as required.  

Other materials

This material complements a Seasons of Giving sermon series found here in the Programme section of Giving in Grace. Clergy and lay leaders may wish to incorporate elements from that sermon series. The resources in this section distill the Seasons theme, adding the story of the The Selfish Giant as a creative way into the biblical material.   

Seasons of Giving Section Guide

Creative ideas for an all age service

An all age Service of the Word with activity ideas for worship together or in separate children's groups.  
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A beautiful modern parable

An abbreviation of  Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant accompanied by four full colour drawings.
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Preparing to preach

Notes for preachers suggesting thoughts and illustrations for sermon preparation
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A themed leaflet for the congregation

A trifold leaflet reflecting the seasons theme and with a challenge to think about our giving
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Resources for worship

Liturgical material to complement the all age worship material. 
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