"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Task Reviewed

Social Events

A social event will enhance any Giving in Grace programme. Social events offer a relaxed context for a clear and concise presentation of the financial need and how people can respond. They are accessible both to the congregation and to our friends in the community who rarely attend worship or activities.
Social events are widely used to bring people together over food and friendship and to share simply and directly the financial challenge facing the church and how people can respond. Whether for the church congregation or for the wider community, or both together, a social event should be understood as a companion to the preaching and any teaching in the programme. They have a different emphasis and a wider reach. To be sure, Giving in Grace is not a fundraising exercise. In neither tone nor content should social events undermine the core message of biblically informed generosity. But social events can focus more directly on the financial need and should not seek to carry the full weight of biblical teaching and discipleship challenge.