"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Section guide (stewardship tasks)

Addressing some key stewardship tasks

Over time this section of the site will expand to focus on the key tasks which will help churches develop a rounded approach to biblically based stewardship and creating a culture of generous giving. 
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Gift Aid: This section is being developed

Explore how to take advantage of the Government's Gift Aid scheme which with some correct adminstration, can add 25p to each £1 given from relevant donors.
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Understanding today for a new tomorrow

A new future starts with understanding where we are today so we must 'know our numbers'. This section offers a range of financial tools to help us better understand our finances and, crucailly, our regular planned giving. 
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Beyond the Collection Plate

Churches have a number of income streams, explored in Beyond the Collection Plate and summarised here, which can be developed as part of a rounded stewardship ministry
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