"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

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Planning to Visit

Explore the home visiting option early on. Leave it late and it won't happen. if you do plan to visit choose the route and destination carefully. In a small church you may well be able to visit everyone. In a larger church or with a small team you be realistic. Strike a balance between the team you have and the task you set yourself.
Don't dismiss the idea of visiting the whole congregation; it may well be possible. But too big a task will ruin things for both visitor and those who are visited. It is possible to visit a portion of the church if you are clear about the purpose. Use the information in the Case Statement and the principle of differentiation to define a more limited scope for home visiting. For example, you might visit all planned givers to invite them to consider giving by standing order or direct debit if that is appropriate to your context. or if there are many loose plate givers then visit them to invite membership of the planned giving scheme. As with differentiation we never visit on the basis of how much people give (which is, of course, confidential) or any subjective judgements about commitment or attendance.