"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Knowing our numbers

This section of the website contains necessary and important tools to help us manage our church finances. But if we use them creatively we will do much more than manage our numbers better; we will be taking steps to transform our church finances. An honest appraisal of today is foundational to good, biblical stewardship practice and to a different tomorrow. So we start by asking why it is important to know our numbers
The financial tools in this section of the website will help us understand our finances, past, present and with an eye to the future. They explore income sources, expenditure types, church reserves and our giving. A handy Finance Dashboard visually diplays our numbers and offers discussion questions for a finance or stewardship committee. The Giving Profile and Age Giving Profile tools compliment the Dashboard by offering further analysis. There are good practical reasons for using these tools but more importantly they form part of a 'holy conversation' which can start to transform the money culture of our congregation. Read on!