"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

The design task

This section of the website consists of core and optional resources to explore. The resources are plentiful but designing the structure of the programme should not be a time-consuming task. Planning group members can divide up the exploration of the various elements between themselves: one to look at small groups, another to recommend approaches to prayer or themes for the preaching. The whole group then agrees the overall structure of the programme.

Section Guide (Designing the Programme)


Choose from one of four fully resourced preaching series, including extensive all-age resources, as one of the pillars of your stewardship programme. 
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Pray at all times

Prayer should underwrite everything that happens in Giving in Grace. Explore the comprehensive prayer resources for personal and congregational use.
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Encourage one another

Small groups encourage teaching, sharing, mutual support and growth in discipleship. They are effective in opening up conversations and growing a culture of generosity.
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Growing up generous

Generosity is not an adult value. These creative resources will help children and young people develop financial capability and take early steps in growing up generous.
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Knocking on heaven's door

The best communication is always personal. Optional home visiting can significantly enhance Giving in Grace by meeting people face to face.
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Eat and rejoice!

In the bible, generosity is often linked to joyful celebration. A social event can enrich any Giving in Grace programme and provide a helpful focus for communication.
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Optional resources to consider

Optional resources to consider: a closing Thanksgiving Sunday service, Harvest Festival resources, making a financial presentation and the power of lay testimony.
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