"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

The Selfish Giant

Oscar Wilde dug deep into Christian things in this beautiful story which explores generosity. The Selfish Giant  tells how the ungenerous, wintry heart of a giant is thawed. He will not let the children play in his garden until, unknowingly, he meets the Christ child. This powerful story helps us grasp an important bible truth in a fresh way: meeting Jesus is the key which unlocks generous giving and living.  
This abbreviated version of Oscar Wilde's story can be told in the context of a church service and can, if necessary, be shortened a little further. It is perfectly suitable for an adult only congregation just as it is for separate children's groups and can, of course, be used when all are together for worship. As an optional extra the story can be enhanced by four, full colour cartoons which can be projected electronically or printed on paper for use in story telling groups for children.