"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

About the annual review

The 2009 Church of England report, Giving for Life, identifies an annual review as one of four key stewardship tasks. Characterised by simplicity a review is within the capacity of every church, large or small. An annual review of giving helps make the challenge to generous giving part of the rhythm, the rule of life in the church. An annual review helps make good stewardship simply, 'how we do things around here'. 

Teach and challenge

An annual review is not a mini stewardship programme. It should have a clear purpose, be characterised by simplicity and be responsive to the immediate needs of the church. There will be some biblical teaching but a review need not shy away from a simple and clear financial challenge to the congregation. 

Thinking about the annual review

A healthy stewardship lifestyle

Reflections on the annual review and how it helps make stewardship part of the rhythm of church life
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A place for preaching

Although often focused on one Sunday a review will always include preaching on Christian giving
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To update and to remind

A review leaflet serves two important purposes and may be accompanied by a clergy letter
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Now that you ask!

Consider the several options around using response forms in any annual review literature
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Getting the message across

Social events set a tone; sketches and presentations get the message across in fresh and fun ways
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