"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Money talk around the Dashboard

Do you remember painting by numbers? Each number linked to a colour and the colours to the whole picture which slowly came alive. The Dashboard and profile tools help us to know our numbers but this takes us only so far. The big picture comes from 'holy conversations' triggered by the Dashboard questions; respectful, prayerful, transformative conversations to understand today's needs and inform decisions for a different tomorrow.  
The numbers in the finance dashboard do matter. They tell us about our past and our present and if we do not act they give us a fair indication of what our future might look like. The numbers can encourage us, make us worried or create a sense of urgency but of themselves they cannot change our situation. To change for a new future we need transforming, holy conversations. The downloads on this page discuss these holy conversations and offer practical guidance on preparing the Finance Dashboard and how to best use this resource in the local church.