"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Lifting the bonnet on today's giving

The planned giving of our regular givers is almost certainly our single biggest source of church income. Accordingly, understanding and nurturing the growth of our planned giving is our primary stewardship task. It takes a bit more effort but creating an anonymous giving profile is like lifting the bonnet so we can see what is driving our giving. We might be surprised by what we find and by the potential for greater giving.
You must have heard it said: 'Everyone here is giving all they can!'. Hard to know one can speak confidently of the personal circumstances of everyone else but regardless, the story is out there and the confidence of the stewardship committee begins to falter. In truth in almost every congregation much of the giving is from the generosity of a few while many give rather less than we or indeed they might think. This pattern of giving is called skew and a Giving Profile helps us understand it. The resources on this page facilitate a simple, two step process which will gather giving data, preserve confidentiality and create a visual Giving Profile which will stimulate both discussion and action.