"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

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Annual Review

A stewardship programme is a disciplined focus on giving every three years. It is good practice to complement this with an Annual Review. This light touch stewardship initiative lays the principles of stewardship, church finances and the challenge to generous giving before the congregation, old and new. The Annual Review can quickly the heartbeat of stewardship, a regular opportunity to teach, challenge and encourage.
The Annual Review is a critical element in developing a robust stewardship culture in the church. Year on year the Annual Review provides a regular, idenfiiable and discernible focus on the stewardship every church must address. The key to the Review is flexibility and responsiveness to issue and culture in the church. A Review can be low key and light touch with minimal preparation and a simple financial challenge. Alternatively a Review can intentionally carry a good deal of weight as the launch of a new stewardship focus or address a pressing challenge facing the church. For more thinking about the Annual Review and some plug and play resources click the link on the righrt of this web page. 

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