"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Take your time

The literature needs unrushed and careful preparation with attention to the detail and to the distribution lists. It is in the differentiated letters, the common brochure and the response forms that we communicate financial facts,the ministry that the money makes possible and, above all, we ask people to make their response.

Section Guide (Preparing the Literature)

Who are we writing to?

The first task in preparing the literature is to build a database, a mailing list that is both comprehensive and, importantly, differentiated.
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Presenting the challenge and benefits

The brochure is the unifying, multi purpose element of the literature, outlining the financial needs,  ministry goals and guidance on making a response.
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Ask and you will receive

The clergy or leader letter makes the personal ask, requesting of church members a response to financial challenge. Guidance and letter templates are available.
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Making it easy to respond

The response form is the vehicle by which the intentions of church members are translated into action: giving pledges are indicated and requests for further information made.
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Pause before pressing send!

This short checklist will help quality-assure the preparation of the written literature and offers some guidance on how it can be distributed in the congregation.
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