"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

Stewardship Tasks

Stewardship Tasks

No matter how succesful a stewardship programme can never hope to bear the whole weight of stewardship in the local church. Nor should it. Stewardship, like all Christian discipleship, is a year round ministry. Nurturing stewardship requires careful attentiveness to regular tasks and to exploring other income streams to complement planned giving. The Stewardship Tasks strand of this website offers detailed, practical help. 
A careful evaluation of Giving in Grace or any stewardship programme will always identify aspects of stewardship in the local church which need attention: a robust operational budget; establishing a stewardship committee; a coherent teaching programme; developing a legacy strategy or maximising other income streams. The Stewardship Tasks strand of this site is not a programme to follow but a collection of standalone resources which will help a church to take action where action is needed. Click the link on the right of this page to access these resources.

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