"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

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Preach Luke! Seasons of giving

This sermon series explores generosity through four passages in Luke's Gospel. Sermon notes, sermon reflections resource this series along with liturgical provision for each week of the series. Optionally, a small-group bible study and range of all age worship resources allow this series to be themed around the four seasons of the year. The sermon reflections are by Canon Peter Howell-Jones, Vice Dean of Chester cathedral.
Luke is the NT writer most interested in money and discipleship and three of the four passages in this preaching series are unique to Luke's gospel. Background notes and sermon reflections resource this preaching series. Additionally and optionally this preaching series can be approached by viewing the passages through the lens of the four seasons. There is some brief guidance on this in the preaching notes but the seasons theme is to the fore in the accompanying small-group study material and all age worship material. The all age worship resources can be downloaded from this page while the small group study, Seasons of Giving, and the liturgical provision can be found under their respective tabs in Designing the Programme.