"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

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Young People

The generosity of a young boy was the first step towards feeding 5000 people. We don't talk stewardship to our young people because we need their money. We do it because learning financial capability in a consumer society is not easy and because nurturing the impulse to be generous is to give a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Resources for kids

Explore the extensive and creative resources in this section. Note also the all-age resources in Cry Freedom  (Exodus) and Seasons of Giving (Luke) under Designing the Programme at the Preaching tab. Don't skip them because of adult anxieties, simple oversight or by assuming we shouldn't talk money with kids. We have to. Financial  capability is a life skill; generosity forms character and discipleship.

Young People task guide

Take me to your leader

Youth and children's ministry leaders are pivotal, so discuss the reasons and the resources early doors.
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Resources for kids and teens

Extensive resources for kids get to grips with the meaning of money, financial capability and generosity.
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'Wondering' about Exodus stories

Explore bible passages with children in a creative way, to use alone or with the all-age Exodus resources.
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Action Scenes

Cartoons illustrating the Exodus story to use as a standalone alone or with Exodus scripts and resources
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Other thoughts and ideas

Discover some more excellent resources for helping kids and teens to talk money.
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