"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

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Harvest Festival

Autumn is a popular time for stewardship initiatives and so many churches will need to consider how to blend the celebration of Harvest into Giving in Grace. It may not be appropriate for various reasons but the rich harvest themes of abundance, celebration and sharing lend themselves to thinking about stewardship.
This all age harvest liturgy is themed around the Jewish Feast of Shelters (Sukkot or Tabernacles), an annual celebration of the fruit harvest. The central activity, the building of shelters, is a remembrance of Israel's time in the desert after being set free from Egypt. The all age service picks up these twin themes. It will help congregations to celebrate the good things God has given to us and also to remember our dependence on his abundant provision. The paper All Good Gifts suggests some ways in which harvest festival can be integrated into a Giving in Grace programme.