"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7)

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Sending out

If home visiting forms part of a Giving in Grace programme it is always helpful to mark this element and support the ministry of the visitors with a short liturgy of commissioning. This should take place at a Sunday service just before or, preferably, at the start of the preaching series. It can be edited or formatted to suit by copying and pasting the text. 
A commissioning liturgy for home visitors will achieve four things. First, it makes a clear connection in the hearts and minds of the congregation between the Giving in Grace programme and the worship and prayer life of the church. Second, a prayerful commissioning forms an important part of the spiritual preparation of those who will do the visiting and a reminder that this is a ministry, not a funding exercise. Third, commissioning communicates to the congregation that home visiting is a core part of this important initiative.Finally, a commissioning reminds both visitors and congregation that this money talk is focused on personal discipleship and resourcing ministry and mission in the church.